My name is Billy Crossley and this is a blog of my ideas, and the things i like. I'm an Independent Animator, so i will occasionally upload films and artwork I've done. You can see more of my work at my website,

Work in Progress Thesis Background. Getting close to the end of the film at this point. 
Work in Progress background on my thesis. Still trying to get better at background design. It’s not my strong suit, but something I like and something I want to be good at so I keep at it in the hope that the more I work the more my skills will improve.
With this I’ve been primarily working on the foreground, and haven’t really worked on the background much yet.
Work in Progress on my digital illustration. Can’t wait to actually finish this. I’ll feel more talented or some junk like that.
It’s on its way! Just need to color the shoes, the necklace, and the bracelet and then go onto highlights and shadows.
Work in progress. I think it’s coming along pretty well so far. I’m really trying to improve my coloring skills.
wip “Feeling Jaded” Sometimes I feel like a really jaded person and then I met this girl who who doesn’t make me feel like that. But we’re away at different colleges right now and I’m starting to feel like that jaded person again so I decided to try and express that in art. This art belongs to me, Billy Crossley, please do not steal.