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Last Minute Customers

Alright so I don’t usually talk about work but my friend DavetheSisti does a lot and it makes me want to too. Specifically I want to say something about last minute customers, and why I believe there is a special circle in hell reserved for them.

First of all, Closing Time means closing time. It means if we close at ten, then everybody should get the fuck out by Ten. That doesn’t mean, alright it’s ten now, guess i’ll finally stop sitting in this chair reading books I’ll never fucking buy, or I guess since it’s ten now, I’ll finally go to the register and purchase this mountain of books I’ve been hoarding all night.

When Customers do things like this it prevents employees from leaving work at a decent time. The longer you’re gonna be a dick and stay passed when we closed and hold us up, is time we could’ve spent making sure the store was clean and then heading the hell home because we’re hungry or tired or have kids, etc.

There are a lot of things consumers do that piss me off, and that having worked in retail for so long I generally try not to do when I myself am a consumer, but last minute customers are some of the most annoying fuckers out there.

Why? Because they’re selfish, they don’t give a fuck that a store has closed, buying that stupid 50 shades of gray book or a magazine or “insert item here” is more fucking important than all these people who just want to go home.

God. Fine. I’m done for now. Just needed to rant.