Crossed My Mind 299

Some stuff to expect from me this summer.

So now that it’s summer and I have the free time to work on things I want to work on, I got a growing list of projects I’m gonna be working on. Here’s a few things you can expect to see.

  • An experimental cut-out animation that I’ve started. I’d expect it probably by the end of the month. I’m gonna try and finish cutting things up this week and then next week start shooting.
  • Character designs: I’m trying to improve my character design skills so I’m working on developing one or two characters and putting them in tons of poses and what not. Expect updates occasionally, basically whenever i scan them in.
  • Concept Art for my Senior Thesis. The film is going to be a 2D buddy film about Teddy Roosevelt and a Bear. I have a ton of concept art of the bear already, so I might start uploading that, but don’t expect too much until July.
  • Prints: I’d like to create a few prints to put online and sell, although I haven’t come up with anything at the moment. We’ll see what happens there.
  • A Novel: So this one is kinda top secret, but I’ve been developing an idea for a book series since I was pretty much 10 and I think I’ve finally got all major details in order, so I’ve started writing. If all goes well I’d like to write at least a chapter a week, and get the beginning of the first book done before summer is over. I don’t know if I’ll post anything on here, but if people are genuinely interested I might post an except from a rough draft or something. We’ll see.

Whelp, that’s my summer plans, hopefully everything will come to fruition. I want this to be the most productive summer I’ve ever had. Send me some feedback about things you’re interested in or that you’d like to see.

Have a Good Summer

-Billy Crossley