My name is Billy Crossley and this is a blog of my ideas, and the things i like. I'm an Independent Animator, so i will occasionally upload films and artwork I've done. You can see more of my work at my website,

Today’s horrifying gif brought to you by my brain.
I was doing color tests for my thesis, and I was duplicating layers from one photoshop file to another, and then Giant monster Teddy happened and I laughed my ass off.
I also drew Bachelor snake coming home from a long day at work. I’m not very good at using a bamboo tablet.
Sure is getting Battle of San Juan Hill up in this joint.
Work in Progress Thesis Background. Getting close to the end of the film at this point. 
Work in progress background from my thesis film, Teddy and the Bear. The film is coming along extraordinarily well. I have currently over half of the rough animation done and most of the backgrounds for that first 60% of the movie in a rough state like this one.
This shot is from the 6th scene in the film (there are 7 in total) and it’s part of a montage sequence. In this part of the sequence Teddy teaches the Bear how to properly fisticuff, which means of course you have to go to the highest mountain you can find and fight in the middle of a blizzard. 
My background design skills could still use a lot of improvement, but it’s amazing the subtle improvements I’m making in terms of skill. It makes me want to keep at it, in the hope that by the time I have a new project to do, I’ll be even better.
If anyone has any questions about my film, or has helpful suggestions for ways I could improve my backgrounds, send me a message! I love the feedback.
Work in Progress background on my thesis. Still trying to get better at background design. It’s not my strong suit, but something I like and something I want to be good at so I keep at it in the hope that the more I work the more my skills will improve.
With this I’ve been primarily working on the foreground, and haven’t really worked on the background much yet.

So me and Brit are watching Return of the King (extended edition)

and there was this moment, when Legolas walks into the shot and following him is a horse. Well, for some reason I thought the horse was a giant penguin for a split second. I laughed for 5 fucking minutes.

"lol" looks kinda like a TIE Fighter.

Not creepy at all Facebook. Not stalkerish at all Facebook. Why do you have a knife Facebook? Stop stabbing me Face-bleghgarglegarglebloodblood

Like, question 1, are we possibly too lazy?

question 2, do our butts look good?

question 3, how are we going to function as adults if we both want to go buy kids toys all the time?

question 4 if I use her hair as a wig, will i look like a rock star?

question 5 why is she walking around with only one sock on?

question 6 where did all the remotes go?