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So I’m posting this a little bit before I finish it, but I’ve been working on this in anticipation of Thor 2 (which was an okay movie that I enjoyed way more than I should have.)

But anyway I’m planning on selling prints of this as soon as I’m finished.

If you’re interested message me so I can get an idea of how many I should get printed!
Well I’m officially in love with Young Avengers.
On a list of things that are super terrifying, FlashHulk ranks up there pretty high. By DoubleLeaf
Is it weird that I pictured bruce banner saying this before turning into the hulk and eating an entire walmart.


Today I wore my Captain America sweatshirt to school


And when I went in the cafeteria I saw a classmate wearing a weird red and yellow jacket. I was looking at it for a bit and then I realized

it’s a fucking Iron Man jacket

So I put up my hood and run across the room to him, shouting, “Tony!” and hug him really hard and he”s confused at first but then sees my jacket and shouts “Cap!”

best. day. ever.


What about me guys? Can I be an Avenger? Guys?

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So since I was talking about comic collections earlier I decided to take a photo of mine. The big green bin to the right is all Spider-Man because as I’m sure you all have figured out by now he’s my favorite. The one to the left is everything else. I might start doing I thing where I show a different category every day or week or something and show off what I got. Not pictured are all the trades and graphic novels I got, some of which aren’t even here with me at school.
If you want to show off your collections submit a photo or drop a link from your tumblr in my ask and I’ll reblog it.
I want you all to experience the beauty that is PUNISHER: MATERNITY WAR
I got this for like a dollar. Best dollar I ever spent.
Cool throwback, I was way into Bionicle as a kid and I collected the comics. However I read them so much that they’re in pretty rough condition on the exterior. I should probably board them up.
I don’t know about other comic collectors, but I like going through my collection every so often and remember what I have and when i got it and why. I’ll look at the covers and see if some of my favorites are still the same, and sometimes I’ll read issues or story arcs I haven’t read in a long time.
I think I might start posting more stuff about my collection, and I would love to hear things from all of you about yours.
We all collect for a reason, and I think it’s nice to share that with people. It creates a sense of community and that we’re all united in someway. So share your stuff with the world, show us what you got!
So I decided to try my hand at this instead of doing real work
Oh man this is gonna be such a good series.
I’m severely disappointed with the lack of ghosts in this prison. I came on board for Darth Vader fighting ghosts in a silly campy star wars adventure, not a gripping, well written story about the early days of the empire and the questionable morals of the jedi.