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“Playing DS in Public” by Alexandra Dal.
This is pretty much me. Outside, I’m keeping it low key like the boss of all bosses you all know me to be, but in my head, whenever I beat a particularly difficult opponent or stage, it is like the god damn “Make’em Say Ugh” video — I’m riding on a golden tank in a packed basketball arena, slam dunking over fools in a gorilla suit, rappin’ with pre-jail Mystikal while Shaquille O’Neal watches from the crowd clutching a “No Limit Soldiers” shirt.
In my head, I’m living that American Dream we all woke up from after graduating high school, the sleeping fantasy that faded as the grief and brutality of the real world crept into our lives. What happened to those promises? Of family and comfort? Of coming out on top after working your ass off for years and saving money for a better future? Where are our Silkk the Shocker basketball jerseys?
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A short and stupid comic about my trials with my really dumb scanner.
I need a new one.

Hahahaha oh god.  XD
My family’s scanner does the SAME THING.  Which is why I got EXTREMELY depressed when my loveable and faithful scanner that I got for FREE became incompatible with my computer and there are no longer any drivers for it on the internet.  ; m ;

My friend, and an amazing artist, Chris Furniss created a colored version of yesterday’s comic for me! He did those really awesome “31 Days of Samus” comics a little while ago, and also does a nerd culture podcast called the Weekly Geek, and is also a super nice guy with a kick ass apartment.
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Me Gusta - Me spreadsta
Sometimes its good to have the bed to yourself…me spreadsta
Submitted by caroline 

I do this

Scott Pilgrim - by Glen Brogan
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