Crossed My Mind 299


Today I wore my Captain America sweatshirt to school


And when I went in the cafeteria I saw a classmate wearing a weird red and yellow jacket. I was looking at it for a bit and then I realized

it’s a fucking Iron Man jacket

So I put up my hood and run across the room to him, shouting, “Tony!” and hug him really hard and he”s confused at first but then sees my jacket and shouts “Cap!”

best. day. ever.


What about me guys? Can I be an Avenger? Guys?

The Avengers and the New Spider-man reboot

So I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and with summer rapidly approaching (the blockbuster season starts in like March this year, I believe, with The Hunger Games) I’ve come to the conclusion that Sony should let Marvel Studios and Disney feature Spider-Man in The Avengers.

Let me explain. Sony is currently rebooting the Spider-Man franchise so as to prevent the movie rights from the Spider-man franchise from falling into back into Marvel’s hands. It’s a very greedy reason to make a new franchise but from Sony’s point of view a logical way for them to keep making money off the character. On the other hand it destroys fanboy dreams of Spidey fighting alongside the Avengers in Marvel’s ever growing movie continuity. Since it’s far too late to stop them from making the movie (It comes out this July) I have an idea. Sony should allow Marvel to use the character in their movies.

But wait you say, Sony would never do that, how could that benefit them, why would they let another studio use their character? I’ll tell you why. Because it will make them more money, and as you know money is king in Hollywood. Sony could charge Marvel a certain fee to allow Spidey to appear in movies such as The Avengers, small cameo roles at first, and then perhaps a larger role once The Avengers 2 comes around a few years from now.

Since The Avengers comes out May 4th and The Amazing Spider-Man comes out July 3rd, there is an ample amount of time between release dates so that the movies aren’t exactly in direct competition. If Spidey were to have a cameo in The Avengers it would generate enormous hype for the new movie, thus providing Sony with more profit.

Now I know that the likely hood of all this is pretty slim, especially since It’s now February and if Sony and Marvel haven’t already made some sort of secret deal, they’re certainly running out of time now, but in all honesty this would be a smart business decision for both studios. Not to mention the fangasm that would occur if such a thing were to happen.

So let me know your thoughts and spread the word, maybe a huge fan campaign could rally the studios to work together for once. Who knows?