My name is Billy Crossley and this is a blog of my ideas, and the things i like. I'm an Independent Animator, so i will occasionally upload films and artwork I've done. You can see more of my work at my website,

My Monoprice tablet arrived and I decided to celebrate by making a gif of Kirby. 

I started a blog on my Website related to things I'm working on.

If you’re going to see Frozen this weekend

I just want to let you all know that the short that airs before it, “Get a Horse” is an amazing Mickey Mouse short styled after the old Disney Mickey shorts. It even features Walt as the voice of Mickey.

I met the director and lead 2D animator back when I went to Ottawa and saw the short. They’ve done an amazing job and it’s so worth seeing in 3D.

I met JG Quintel. We talked about story telling and writing. It was pretty freakin cool.
I was doing color tests for my thesis, and I was duplicating layers from one photoshop file to another, and then Giant monster Teddy happened and I laughed my ass off.

Working on final character costumes and reference sheets for Teddy and the Bear.

This is it folks, the final stretch. 

Sure is getting Battle of San Juan Hill up in this joint.
Work in Progress Thesis Background. Getting close to the end of the film at this point.